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Insider Guides
International Student Guides

Insider Guides equip international students with information about how to enjoy their new home, not just survive.

They are free, annual guidebooks that we produce with the help of local students for Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra. We also print three offshore guides for prospective international students looking to study in Australia. We have one for SE Asia, Middle East and the Subcontinent, one just for China (in Simplified Chinese) and one for South America.

Over 156,000 guides are printed annually, with red carpet distribution to over 300 distribution points in 27 countries.

My Story

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My Story

My Story

Insider Foundry, in a project for Study Melbourne, has created an opportunity for students to gain an insight into their study life in Victoria. This project provides users with a first person view of the life that awaits them, tailored to their individual choices.

By selecting from a range of study, lifestyle and accommodation options they are provided with a personalised and engaging video. Using innovative video splicing technology future students are immersed in Melbourne’s art, fashion, music, food and laneways.

Cost of Living

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Cost of living

Cost of Living Calculator
Predict your lifestyle costs pre-departure

To study in Australia, the Federal Government states that international students must be able to afford $18,610 per year. However, for someone who has never been to Australia before, this number can change dramatically based on the lifestyle they plan on living.

Insider Foundry has created the Cost of Living Calculator, that helps international students gain a much more accurate prediction as to how much their life will cost in Australia based on certain lifestyle choices.

Foundry Services

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The UNSW Project

Our Services
Innovative solutions for international students.

We’re here to help you reach international students in highly effective ways. We specialise in creative solutions such as:

Print media and design
UNSW StudentLife
IDP - IELTS - Australia Student Guide
Insider Guides - International Student Guides
Websites and online tools
UNSW StudentLife
PTV - iUSE Pass
Study Melbourne - MyStory
ANZ Cost of Living Calculator
Insider Guides
Smartphone apps
Murdoch International   iPhone / Android
Australia Student Guide   iPhone / Android

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